A Big Project with the hope of being 'A Kick in the Ass'

-- This is really great to hear!

'A kick in the ass for the creative mind'.

While I agree and would say that this idea is where my inspiration for the Work Undone project started i know that there are a lot of people out there with great ideas that don't consider themselves creative. Creativity needs to be redefined a bit but there are so many rolls to play in making a project come to life and we all have the skills to fit into a great project on some level. Please start something, try something, learn from your mistakes, grow, help other, encourage others and make something (even something small) happen!


99% conference



Need to connect with people interested and passionate about the same things that you are? Well this is the spot, there are 'Meet Ups' in nearly every major city on all sorts of topics of interest. Connecting to people interested in anything from Ultimate Frisbee to Social Responsibility, it's all there. Give it a look, grab a friend and go check it out or even better start your own 'Meet Up'. (I haven't personally checked any events out but I have heard great things and hope to test it out for myself soon. I'll be sure to update you all)


Evernote is one of my favorite apps I have found. It is a little clunky and takes a little getting use to but worth the effort. I mostly us this for capturing inspiration that I run across online. I am then able to sort into different projects and categories by tagging the captured information. I have gotten the best results from highlighting the images and or text I want to keep and then clicking the convenient Evernote button that you can download for your web browser. By highlighting this info before you click the Evernote button the app will collect only the highlighted info rather then all links, menus and facebook this and that. 'Clean' and 'simple', my favorite word to associate with work flow.

Thirty Conversations on Design

Thirty Conversations on Design

We are all designers on some level or another. Hearing how professionals design and see the world around them can only help in our ability to synthesize the information around us and to design a better world that immediately surrounds us.

On another note I love projects that collect interviews via web cam and hope more people start doing this more focusing on specific topics of interest. It's easy to do and most people are happy to answer a simple question or give out a small piece of advice.


“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” — Thomas Edison

99% is a conference and website that focuses on talks, tips, tools and more that might help to inspire you to make that good idea happen. Ends up everyone has good ideas but so very few of them actually get done. Why? because it is hard work and we don't know where to start, well start here.