I continue to be fascinated with how businesses that make products by hand can survive and seem to thrive. I have set out to sit down with some of these amazing business owners and makers to see if and how they make a living doing what they do. 



A passionate designer, product consultant, entrepreneurial educator and multi-disciplinary artist and jack of all trades, master of none.  Justin Hawkins has worked for more than 15 years in the design and creative industry. With experience working as a designer at thought-leading companies including Nike, Weiden & Kennedy, and Instrument, he thrives on working with others to create interesting brand, online experiences, footwear and unique spaces come to life. Living in Portland, Oregon he is the co-founder of Churchkey beer company, director of Fond design & consulting and host of the Work Undone podcast, all based in the Pacific Northwest.

Hawkins has a strong interest in working in different mediums during his studies, such as painting, photography, tie dye, jewelry making, stain glass, printmaking and woodworking. His first solo art show occurred in 2003, with many more shows in Compound gallery, Harputs shoes, Seven Sisters boutiques,  local Portland bars and restaurants encompassing the following years.

Outside ofthe studio, Hawkins can be found gathering points ofinspiration from his life in Portland. Whether it be from taking in the offerings of one of the city’s many groundbreaking restaurants or bars, or from exploring any of the diverse natural wonders surrounding the Pacific Northwest, he enjoys being an active part of his surroundings. By connecting to his environment, drawing strength and revelation that become present in his art.