Each episode I sit down with maker entrepreneurs to find out how they are able to make a living selling physical products made by hand.


I’m Justin Hawkins. For years I have been fascinated and inspired by people who start their own businesses making things. I can't help wonder how in the world they make a living doing it.  I'm the kind of person who has lots of ideas for products and businesses. Over the years I have asked a lot of questions to the maker entrepreneurs around me but I still want to know more.  Join me as I sit down with business owners who create physical products by hand to learn how they make a living doing what they love.

WU 001 : Agnieszka Zoltowski : Oru

Agnieszka Zotowski is the maker behind ORU, a jewelry company uses a unique weaving technique and beautiful Japanese glass beads. As a longtime friend, I have gotten a chance to watch the many stages of Agnieszka's business. I have been encouraged and inspired by her ability to navigate the hard times that inevitably occur in a business and her continued creativity in the beautiful pieces she creates. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I do.


WU 002 : Lizzie Falkenstein : PRIMECUT BAGS

While working her full time (plus) job at a design agency Lizzie built and launched her Primecut bag line, she was able to quit her full time job to focus on her new business 100% after about 6 months. Lizzie has done an amazing job of keeping it simple. Starting a new brand and company is hard enough so designing product with just a few components while still providing a beautifully unique item is brilliant. Over the past five years Lizzie has been able to slowly expand her line in new and interesting ways that stay in alignment with the original product and brand created in her basement studio hand sewing each piece herself.



Kelley has worked hard to create a place for makers to make. ADX provides all the tools, knowledge and space one would need. From a full woodworking shop to a welding shop, if you want to make something and don't want to buy all the tools, this is the place for you. Additionally, Kelley is working to help small maker businesses grow and stay connected with the maker community.



Joe stepped into his journey as an entrepreneur by seeing a hole in the market using a technology that was only newly available at the time. He was able to combine his love of art and design with laser engraving that opened a door to a host of new opportunities. Later he partnered with a woodworker friend to create a company that makes beautiful iPhone cases from wood as well as many other products that support your work habits and productivity. His latest the project includes a successful Kickstarter project for a unique notepad with a gorgeous maple ply cover. 

Website: PacificAndWest.com 
Instagram: @Pacificandwest


WU 005 : Kelly Peyton : MA Wovens

From painter to weaver to entrepreneur Kelly has a great story and is creating an inspiring product. After falling in love with yoga and woven textiles she has combined the two to create a beautiful yoga rug that shows us a new way to look a yoga practice and the equipment used. She addresses a problem that she and many others have with yoga mats and creates a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time. Kelly is just getting started and I can't wait to see how she grows this company in the future.


WU 006 : Matt Capozzi : north Drinkware

So very excited to share this episode with you as it's one of my favorite startup stories and innovations on a handmade product out there. Matt and his business partner had an idea over beers one night and after years of making products for other people, they decided to make one of there own. These hand blown pint glasses and tumblers combine technology and craft to create something you've never seen before, a mountain in glass. 

Elements Glass (The find folks making these amazing glasses)
Pavlina Summers (Photographer)
James Brand Knives
Coolist Cooler

Shepard Fairey
Nic Ramirez (Co-Founder of North)



A salesman and a DIYer at heart Chad set out to scratch his own itch when he couldn't find a firepit he liked. Working out the details in his garage with some scrap plywood he found a local metal company to bring his design to life. With the support of his family and friends, they created a business from five pieces of steel that connect to make one of the simplest and smartest products out there. Truly a "Why Didn't I Think Of That" idea, with a brilliant simplicity that puts a smile on my face.